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Marketing with Empathy

Consumers and businesses alike are having to adjust in ways that were unimaginable just a few short weeks ago. We’re all facing difficult decisions, and it’s important to be realistic both with yourself and your customers when none of us are immune to the realities of the current Covid-19 crisis. This is a time that calls for us to put ourselves in the shoes of others, and it’s no different in the relationship between businesses and their customers. The connections we forge are defined by how we treat each other, and how we express ourselves creates and fosters those connections. Marketing is how you express yourself to your customers. The team at Root & Roam Creative Studio operates out of empathy and an understanding that, at the end of the day, marketing is a way of helping people. We help businesses articulate their vision by crafting content that’s true to the heart of their mission. We help them communicate and convey their message to people that are eager to hear it, and, when that message hits home, we help cultivate and nurture the relationships formed.

Prioritizing Marketing is Prioritizing Your Customers

In times of uncertainty, it can be hard to decide not only what to say, but when to say it. It’s important not to be reactive in times of crisis, but it’s also important to be responsive. Remember, we’re all in this together. We couldn’t continue to do what we know and love without the businesses that entrust us with their brands, and we’re honored by those that do. Every business exists because of the loyal customers that trust in what they do, and your customers should know how you’re being affected, as well as what changes you’re having to implement in response to current events. At Root & Roam we are focused on solidifying the relationships we have while helping our clients keep their customers informed and up to date on how they’re responding to current events. We’re here to help businesses do that, whether you’re a current client or a business that could use some help navigating uncharted waters. This can and should be done tactfully, and we know that this is a time of prioritization. This is a time to make sure your customers know the value of your relationship with them, and how the changes you’re making will continue nurturing that relationship. How you prioritize your relationship with your customer base is defined by your marketing. A study conducted by Invesp found that acquiring a new customer costs five times as much as retaining an existing customer, and increasing customer retention rates by 5% results in a 25% increase in the business done between you and those retained customers. Return customers typically spend more over time as their trust in that company increases, and we are all about creating that kind of bond between businesses and customers. This is where our kind of empathetic marketing comes in. When marketing is done right, it’s an investment in the relationship you have with your customers, not an expense. We’re here to help our clients invest in themselves and their customers. We’ll help you identify problems, determine solutions, and find opportunities in the face of adversity.

Digital Opportunities in Inopportune Times

As a digital marketing agency, we’re immersed in the digital world. We have all the tools it takes to establish a business’s digital presence, and it’s all under one roof. 

  • Our team consists of strategy-driven creatives that can conceptualize, craft, channel, and track digital assets. 
  • We have experienced graphic designers who will help you come up with a style, design, and logo you’re proud of, website developers who will help you revamp your current website or build a new website that incorporates everything you need – from a look and feel that displays your company’s capabilities in a modern way to e-commerce platforms that help you create a direct connection with your customers. 
  • Our visual content team will create photography and videography that sets your products and services apart, and our writers create informed content that speaks to your customers through blogs, website copy, and social media posts. 
  • Our in-house social content strategists will employ a plan to get your business in front of the people who need to see it, and our SEO experts will help ensure your business is discovered by the people looking for your products and services. We know that many brick and mortar retail locations are being heavily impacted by the needs of society and social distancing. We can help get your business online, bringing your products and services directly to your customers.  

We can help you focus on your day to day needs by taking the helm of marketing strategies that help your business grow. We’ll all get through this crisis together, and we can help by doing what we do best for you and your business.

 Staying True to Your Mission

We all go into business because we believe in what we’re doing and want to share it with others. We know the kind of dedication and commitment it takes to run a successful business, and, when times are tough, it’s important to remember what we’re made of and why we set out to do what it is we do. This is a time to stay true to your purpose, vision, mission, and values. We’re here to help you do that by articulating what you’re made of to your customers and are ready to take the next step in that process. Reach out to Root & Roam Creative Studio, and we’ll show you how smart digital marketing will help sustain and grow your business, both now and in the future.