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We are unlike any other marketing agency you’ve met. AND we’re completely okay with that.



Root & Roam Creative Studio was started by Stacy Dudley as a place for creatives to gather and collaborate on big ideas, serve small businesses, and impress national brands. With a well-curated team, we believe we offer dynamic services to all brands seeking to improve their marketing output. We all work collaboratively, knowing the strengths of one another, to create strategic, creative marketing services tailored to each individual client.

We inspire brands to make bold moves, be the best version of themselves, and tell their story. We lead by example. We love marrying creativity and strategy. We are unlike any other marketing agency you’ve met. And we’re completely okay with that.



The folks that call Root & Roam home wear many hats and come from many places. While differences abound, we all share a passion to create and employ our skills in ways that help businesses put their best foot forward. Scroll on down to see our team, as well as learn a bit about us.

Stacy Dudley

Stacy Dudley

President / Founder

Nickname: Bacon Dudley

  • Music makes me happy.
  • My kids think Amarillo by Mornin’ is a nursery rhyme.
  • I am married to my soul mate.
Callie Lubke

Callie Lubke

Event Marketing / Office Operations

Nickname: Cal

  • Afraid of heights.
  • Considers salsa a food group.
  • Watches Hallmark movies year round.
Raiford Ramirez

Raiford Ramirez

Director of Visual Media

Nickname: Rai Rai

  • Avid hockey fan.
  • Ran a full and ultra-marathon.
  • Orange is my favorite color.
  • Describe the perfect date? I would have to say April 25th.
Brooke Lampman

Brooke Lampman

Director of Strategic Business Development

Nickname: B-Stew / Brookie

  • Graduated from Texas Tech University.
  • I could eat Chips and Salsa for every meal. 
  • Farmer’s wife and mom to one sweet baby boy, and a dog named Jolie.
Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll

Creative Coordinator

Nickname: Wonk

  • I can recite the Safe Handling Instructions on demand.
  • I’m really good at karaoke, and it’s not because I can actually sing. I have a terrible singing voice, but I also have no shame. None.
  • I have been to China twice, and I loved it.
Cayme Hollis

Cayme Hollis

Content Creation Specialist

Nickname: Baconista

  • Comanche is my hometown, Go Indians!
  • I am married and have two awesome kiddos Hannah and Luke.
  • Saved my bosses dog from a fire ?
  • Love to cook for people, makes me happy!
Creed Alexander

Creed Alexander

Account Manager / Graphic Designer

Nickname: Creedo

  • Won a trivia competition.
  • Has a color deficiency.
  • Loves camping.
  • 4th graders at recess once threw rocks at me while on my moped.
Taylor Price

Taylor Price

Videography / Public Relations

Nickname: Potaytayto

  • I’ve been to 33 of the lower 48 states.
  • I’ve taught my cat how to sit and speak.
  • I’ve met James Bond three separate times. Well, Pierce Brosnan. I’m not saying we are best friends or anything… but he knew my name by the last meeting.
Brandon Mangan

Brandon Mangan

Photographer / Copywriter

Nickname: bklfm

  • Part of the 3% of humans that decided to be born feet first.
  • Was once interviewed by Tom Green in Tom Green County.
  • Has been a wedding DJ, Photographer, and Officiant (not at the same time).
Daron Otwell

Daron Otwell

Graphic Designer

Nickname: Uncle D

  • I have the food palate of a 7 year old.
  • I have a private pilot license.
  • My name spelled backwards is Norad.
  • I enjoy hiking, camping, and woodworking
Jordain Williams

Jordain Williams

Visual Content Coordinator

Nickname: Jo

  • Has a pupo named Chloie
  • Has a degree in Agricultural Services and Development
  • The Colorado Rocky Mountains is my happy place.
  • Believes pineapple does belong on pizza
Amy Winters

Amy Winters

Digital Designer

Nickname: Aims, but do you really need to shorten Amy.

  • I love nature, art and design.
  • I try really hard not to be normal but still remain pretty normal in spite of my efforts.
  • I once had a pet zebra named Marty
  • I have been to space academy and chose graphic design instead of becoming an astronaut.
Julie Springer

Julie Springer

Director of Digital Strategy

Nickname: Jules

  • Have visited every continent but Antartica (will definitely go someday) 
  • Have a phobia of cauliflower
  • I was once a stockbroker
  • Make a mean eggplant parmesan 
  • Own two pups that are my life: Jack and Jagger
Chris Mix

Chris Mix

Digital Campaign Manager

Nickname: To-To

  • I want to live at Disney World
  • I won an Emmy
  • I have Secret Service clearance
  • To relax, I work HUGE lego sculptures
  • I like to put stacks of Oreos in a tall cup, fill the cup with milk, and fish out the Oreos with a spoon.





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